As a native New Yorker and Knicks fan, OF COURSE I’m going to do a Jeremy Lin! Jeremy Lin is a feel good story in my humble opinion. Maybe because basketball doesn’t get the same attention football does or maybe it’s because I’m actually a Knicks fan but I don’t hate him. He just seems […]

The name of my blog is a tennis term so I should probably write a post about tennis. I got into a tennis a few years ago. I would say I started paying attention to it in 2007, mostly watching the semis and finals of the major opens except Australia (3 am finals!) but then […]

Those out of the tri-state area or are not too familiar with sports radio may not know who Mike Francesa is. Mike Francesa, aka the Sports Pope, is a radio personality based out of New York that is known for many things that have nothing to do with radio. Youmight be wondering, why would I […]

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