I’ve been waiting until today to write this post because I really wanted to write a celebratory Rafa wins again post and it worked out rather well because he did! Today, Rafa beat his friend and Davis Cup teammate David Ferrer 7-6 (1), 7-5 in a rather close match to win the Barcelona tournament. It […]

And by D-Day I mean draft day. I really want to present this video without comment because, really, what more can I say? The Jets are notorious for their horrendous draft picks and they’ve paid the price every time with bust after bust. Here is the video: This year the Jets drafted Quinton Coples. I […]

Beating the Red Sox is such a great feeling. Really is. Especially during their 100th anniversary and then again the next day. They haven’t exactly been doing well and can’t say I hate it. But with that said, I love the rivalry between these two teams but it’s not really fun when it’s lopsided. Even […]

The Monte Carlo Rolex Masters tournament is upon us. It’s the first major tournament since Miami at the end of March and it also makrs the beginnings of clay season. Rafa’s known as the “King of Clay” and he’s one this specific tournament seven years in a row. He pulled out out of the Miami […]

In my last post I wrote about how excited I am about Opening Day and baseball finally being back. But you might have asked yourself, “Didn’t Opening Day already happen?” Why yes! Yes it did. Three times actually! MLB has basically ruined that nostalgia that comes with Opening Day by essentially having four “Opening Day(s).” […]

I write this as I watch the first game of the Yankees season and I am SO EXCITED! And thank God for mlb.tv. Nothing makes me happier than some Yankee baseball on a beautiful spring day. Indoors. Whatever, I will watch the Yankees in person in May when they come to the beautiful Camden Yards. […]

Who knew!?!? Johan Santana tweeted the other day that he will be starting on Opening Day for the New York Mets! It’s official i’ll be on the mound thursday opening day!!! — El Gocho believe it! (@johansantana) April 1, 2012 After all of his trials and tribulations, Santana came back pretty strong this Spring Training […]

A couple seasons ago HBO gifted us with one glorious season of Hard Knocks with the New York Jets. As a Jets fan, I loved every second of this and Rex Ryans debauchery. I recently read on Twitter that Woody Johnson, the Jets owner, didn’t rule Hard Knocks out for this season. There have been […]

New York Yankee Joba Chamberlain recently had ankle surgery after a rather unfortunate trampoline accident. Joba was playing around, jumping on a trampoline with his son when his ankle reportedly got caught in the side railings of death. Chamberlain suffered an open dislocation of his right ankle and set to leave the hospital this Sunday. Chamberlain was […]

As a Jets fan, and someone who loathes Tim Tebow, this news was kind of heartbreaking. I’m not a big fan of Tebow or his game. I’m not that religious so the constant Jesus talk kind of annoys me, although to his credit, the media definitely blew that up. Either way, I still don’t like […]

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