In my last post I wrote about how excited I am about Opening Day and baseball finally being back. But you might have asked yourself, “Didn’t Opening Day already happen?” Why yes! Yes it did. Three times actually!

MLB has basically ruined that nostalgia that comes with Opening Day by essentially having four “Opening Day(s).” The season, I guess, technically started a week ago when the A’s played the Mariners in Japan. Then the Cardinals visited Miami for Opening NIGHT and then many teams played yesterday for Opening DAY and here we are again having Opening Day again with the rest of the MLB.

I really don’t understand that logic of this planning. To me, as a lifelong baseball fan, it kind of ruins the tradition of the start of baseball by having it on so many different days. I hope MLB comes to its senses next season and don’t do it like they did this year. Baseball hasn’t been the same the past decade or so due to the presence of steroids so keeping some tradition alive wouldn’t hurt anyone.

But this is thankfully the last of the Opening Days and I’m just glad to have baseball back, so I’ll keep my ranting to this blog post. Here’s hoping the Yankees have a great season and baseball in general will just be enjoyable and fun to watch. America’s past time baby!