As a Jets fan, and someone who loathes Tim Tebow, this news was kind of heartbreaking. I’m not a big fan of Tebow or his game. I’m not that religious so the constant Jesus talk kind of annoys me, although to his credit, the media definitely blew that up. Either way, I still don’t like him

I thought to myself, reading about the million of Tweets that flooded my precious Twitter timeline, two mediocre quarterbacks do not equal one great quarterback. Mark Sanchez, God love him, is mediocre at best although he’s played briliantly at times, especially in the playoffs. He has been our QB in two AFC championship games. Even Eli Manning sucked in his first few seasons (worse in some statisitics actually). The fact that Eli Manning was also rather mediocre is the fantasy that I hold on to and that Sanchez will lead the Jets to a Super Bowl. A girl can dream.

It also helps that he’s super good looking, Tebow doesn’t do much for me in the looks department? Why is this even mentioned? Because we lose, all the time. So at least my QB is good looking. I have that. And only that.

But naturally, the Jets being the Jets, didn’t read the fine print. Literally. The Broncos owe Tebow $5 million as an advance and the acquiring team is expected to the take that on. However, the Jets were unaware of this (no reason they shouldn’t have been) and now there’s a snag. Even though I don’t like Tebow, I’m really intrigued as to what can happen if he does eventually make it to the team.

But after it’s all said and done, Tim Tebow is officially a Jet and I am officially emotionally exhausted as a Jets fan.