So my headline might be a little dramatic (and mean) but…

AJ Burnett is now a officially a Pirate! Good riddance! AJ Burnett is finally gone and I feel like a brand new person. A brand new person that is a fan of a brand new New York Yankees baseball team. That’s how passionately I feel about AJ Burnett, he was just bringing the team down in my opinion. He was erratic, unreliable, sometimes would pitch a gem but usually give up five runs in the first three innings and then settle down after putting us in a five run hole.

With that said, I do however, feel kind of bad for him. It’s one thing to get traded from a team like the Yankees (if you like playing for the team, who wouldn’t?) but it’s another to get traded to the Pirates. No offense to the Pirates, but they are an awful baseball team. But knowing my luck, he will probably be the next Carl Pavano and become a great pitcher and the Pirates will turn into the Rays and have a crazy season becoming the team to beat. I also have an immense hatred for Carl “Break my ribs in a car accident and not tell anybody” Pavano, but that’s for another blog post.

But seriously, look at this guy.

I can now feel better about the Yanks game I’m going to in Baltimore in a couple of months–I had sworn to myself that if AJ Burnett is pitching my tickets would given away for free. That should adequately sum up how I feel about AJ Burnett. But he is no longer my problem so onward!