I’ve been waiting until today to write this post because I really wanted to write a celebratory Rafa wins again post and it worked out rather well because he did!

Today, Rafa beat his friend and Davis Cup teammate David Ferrer 7-6 (1), 7-5 in a rather close match to win the Barcelona tournament. It was a great match, a lot of great points from both Rafa and David. The first set was pretty nerve-wracking as Rafa saved a whopping five set points. Hard to believe how many chances David had to take the first set but he just couldn’t deliver and Rafa finally won in a pretty anticlimactic tiebreaker. The second set wasn’t nearly as dramatic and Rafa won 7-5 in a nearly 3 hour match that I was not expecting.

Here is a super cool shot and my personal favorite from today’s match:

They don’t call him the “king of clay” for nothing.

Next up is Madrid on May 5th and if I’m not mistaken all of the top 10 players should be there. Can’t wait to see how Rafa holds up with Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, John Isner, and Mardy Fish in the mix. I’m hoping that Rafa can take his momentum from Monte Carlo and now Barcelona into Madrid and make it three in a row. Also, we’ll see the already infamous blue clay that most players have already said they don’t like.

And before I sign off, I can never hear/see anything about Barcelona without getting this stuck in my head:


Barcelonaaaa Barcelonaaaaa

And by D-Day I mean draft day. I really want to present this video without comment because, really, what more can I say? The Jets are notorious for their horrendous draft picks and they’ve paid the price every time with bust after bust. Here is the video:

This year the Jets drafted Quinton Coples. I could tell you about all of his talents except that I don’t know anything about him so here’s a little rundown of the pick from ESPN AFC East blog writer James Walker.

MIAMI — The New York Jets pulled off a mild surprise at No. 16. They had their choice of two pass-rushers, and picked Quinton Coples over Melvin Ingram.

Coples has a world of talent, but doesn’t have a high motor. He has top-10 ability, and the Jets and head coach Rex Ryan feel they can get the most out of him.

I thought Ingram was a better pick and a better fit for New York’s 3-4 scheme. Ingram was a safer pick, but doesn’t have the physical abilities Coples have. The Jets went for the player with more natural ability.

The Jets still have several needs at safety, wide receiver and right tackle that could be addressed later in the draft.

Beating the Red Sox is such a great feeling. Really is. Especially during their 100th anniversary and then again the next day. They haven’t exactly been doing well and can’t say I hate it. But with that said, I love the rivalry between these two teams but it’s not really fun when it’s lopsided. Even though I despise the team, battling the Rays for first place in Sept. and watching the Red Sox implode isn’t really as fun as competing with the Red Sox for first place in the AL East. I still get equal amounts of stress but the fun level goes way down and the eye rolling goes way up.

But as if just losing wasn’t bad enough, the new management is doing so well either. I do feel pretty bad for Bobby Valentine, people already want him fired less than one month into the season. He pretty much started digging his own grave once he very publicly called out Kevin Youkilis. Not a good look.

But what was a good look–the throwback uniforms that they both wore during the anniversary game. You can count me as a big fan.

Anyway, the last game got postponed due to rain and the Yankees are in Arlington to play the Rangers tonight. That should be a great series and I’m really looking forward to it. Let’s go Yankees!

This past Sunday Rafael Nadal FINALLY beat Novak Djokovic and won his eight consecutive title at the Monte-Carlo Masters tournament. It was pretty lopsided, Rafa won 6-4, 6-1 and it was a pretty standard match, not what what you usually expect from Rafa and Novak, especially after their epic Australian Open final (that one still stings). This is probably due to the fact that Nole lost his grandfather early on in the tournament, whom he was very close to.

Nole said in a press conference after the final, very respectfully, that he was really emotionally drained by the end of the tournament but it shouldn’t take anything away from what Rafa did and he deserved to win. My only disliking for Nole comes from the fact that he’s beat my personal favorite player but apart from that, I think he’s a class act and deserves everything he has. I think he’s a great athlete and a great example when it comes to sportsmanship (Rafa too).

Rafa and his team with Monte-Carlo trophy

On a happier note, Rafa finally won! This is his first title since he won Roland Garros last June. This is the eight consecutive time that Rafa has won Monte-Carlo, the first tennis player to ever win any tournament eight times in a row. He also now has the record for most Masters events won with 20. He was previously tied with Roger Federer.

He looked and said that he was healthy and his knees weren’t an issue which is good because Barcelona starts this week immediately followed by Madrid (blue clay) and Rome. After that it’s the conclusion of the clay season with the French Open. I really think this tournament is the spark that Rafa needed and I’m really hoping for a clay sweep! And since Rafa has nothing to lose and only points to gain, he can hopefully bridge the gap to the number one spot (there’s a lot of points) or at least build a bigger gap between him and Roger Federer who is ranked third. It can’t get too much worse, right? Onward!


The Monte Carlo Rolex Masters tournament is upon us. It’s the first major tournament since Miami at the end of March and it also makrs the beginnings of clay season. Rafa’s known as the “King of Clay” and he’s one this specific tournament seven years in a row. He pulled out out of the Miami semis against Andy Murray due to knee tendonitis issues but apparently he’s back on track health wise. I’m really excited to see how he will do on his favorite and best surface and I’m really looking forward to watching it (on some illegal stream somewhere because I don’t get the tennis channel.)

Rafa hasn’t won a tournament since Roland Garros last June so I really hope he can win something, ANYTHING at this point. He’s going to have a lot of competition as all of the top players are attending except for John Isner and Roger Federer. He said he’s taking some time off after playing for the US at the Davis Cup. I think Isner is really going to do well this clay season. He plays well on the surface and with his mega serve, he’s going to be a serious threat to the top players. I wouldn’t be surprised if he surpasses Mardy Fish soon as the top American player in the ATP. Looking forward to what he does. Federer isn’t playing and I’m not sure why. I think he’s just taking some time off before he plays the Madrid Masters which follows Monte Carlo. He recently won Indian Wells and did will in Miami so there’s no reason to doubt or underestimate what he can do.

This is an exciting time for tennis because following Monte Carlo, there is Rome, Madrid and the second grand slam of the year, the French Open. There’s a couple of grass tournaments in between and then it’s Wimbledon and the Olympics and I can’t wait. Vamos Rafa!


Rafael Nadal announced early this morning that he will play Novak Djokovic in a charity exhibition match after Wimbledon and before the Olympics on July 14th in Madrid, Spain.

I thought it was a little bizarre that Rafa, who always complains about how tight the schedule is for the ATP is going to play exhibition match during such a pivotal time in the tennis calendar. He always talks about how important and special winning an Olympic medal is, especially for Spain so I would think he would want to be super prepared and well rested. But it is for his charity and I think that’s really nice and special that he would do that. There’s going to be a huge eye on tennis because of Wimbledon during that time so maybe that’s why he wanted to do it in July, there will be a lot of attention and therefore a lot of media for his foundation. For the kids!

What’s also really cool (*Justin Timberlake in The Social Network voice*) is that Novak Djokovic is doing it. Roger Federer apparently turned him down simply because of the timing, which I don’t blame him for, apparently he was still very much willing to do it. Novak has some weird on court antics that bother me a little bit but apart from that, I can’t help but like him. He’s such a likable guy that has really earned his spot as the world number one and has stayed pretty humble throughout. But I guess since Rafa was adamant about it, he was determined to find a replacement so who better than the world number one who Rafa hasn’t been able to defeat in over a year? I think it’s going to be awesome.

Let’s talk about the location. Santiago Bernabéu Stadium! No big deal, just where Real Madrid plays. What a huge venue and stage for the world’s current two best tennis players. Rafa is huge in Spain and I don’t know if he’ll sell out all 80,000 tickets with Nole but there’s going to be a huge crowd and I for one cannot wait!

In my last post I wrote about how excited I am about Opening Day and baseball finally being back. But you might have asked yourself, “Didn’t Opening Day already happen?” Why yes! Yes it did. Three times actually!

MLB has basically ruined that nostalgia that comes with Opening Day by essentially having four “Opening Day(s).” The season, I guess, technically started a week ago when the A’s played the Mariners in Japan. Then the Cardinals visited Miami for Opening NIGHT and then many teams played yesterday for Opening DAY and here we are again having Opening Day again with the rest of the MLB.

I really don’t understand that logic of this planning. To me, as a lifelong baseball fan, it kind of ruins the tradition of the start of baseball by having it on so many different days. I hope MLB comes to its senses next season and don’t do it like they did this year. Baseball hasn’t been the same the past decade or so due to the presence of steroids so keeping some tradition alive wouldn’t hurt anyone.

But this is thankfully the last of the Opening Days and I’m just glad to have baseball back, so I’ll keep my ranting to this blog post. Here’s hoping the Yankees have a great season and baseball in general will just be enjoyable and fun to watch. America’s past time baby!

I write this as I watch the first game of the Yankees season and I am SO EXCITED! And thank God for mlb.tv. Nothing makes me happier than some Yankee baseball on a beautiful spring day. Indoors. Whatever, I will watch the Yankees in person in May when they come to the beautiful Camden Yards. I haven’t been to too many ballparks but Camden Yards is such a wonderful stadium to visit and I love the park. Baltimore is a great city with so much to do, just about a month to go!

Moving on, there’s so many things that come along with the start of baseball–the start of spring and great weather, my birthday, the end of the semester and late nights watching 1 am editions of Baseball Tonight. But I am mostly looking forward to finally watching the Yankees in person with a basket of chicken tenders and a huge cup of soda and at some point some funnel cake and before you know I’ll have spent more money on food than my ticket. And I can’t wait to do it all again but at Yankee Stadium and buy a hotdog that will require me to max out my credit card and a soda that will probably make me max out my other credit card. At least I have Camden Yards which is somewhat affordable.

It’s time for me to bust out all my Yankee gear and finally order my favorite cap that I lost and  is no longer sold and siiiigh, I miss that hat.

Go Yankees!!

Who knew!?!? Johan Santana tweeted the other day that he will be starting on Opening Day for the New York Mets!

After all of his trials and tribulations, Santana came back pretty strong this Spring Training but I have to say I didn’t expect him to be named the Opening Day starter. I have to admit, even though I’m a Yankees fan, I’m still pretty happy for him. While I do have a massive disliking for certain teams (Mets, Phillies, and of course the Red Sox) I never really want a player to not play because of injury. Anything else, I really don’t care, especially steroids. Sayonara amigos! Absolutely no sympathy for that.

On that note, only four more days until the Yankees first game against the Rays! Can’t wait!


A couple seasons ago HBO gifted us with one glorious season of Hard Knocks with the New York Jets. As a Jets fan, I loved every second of this and Rex Ryans debauchery. I recently read on Twitter that Woody Johnson, the Jets owner, didn’t rule Hard Knocks out for this season. There have been “informal” talks so nothing is official. But how can I, as a fan, say no thank you to my favorite Rex Ryan moment ever?



Would you guys believe me if I told you I have a t-shirt that says that? Because I do. And it’s one of my favorites.

But let’s get back to the show. Imagine this–Rex Ryan’s personality up against what is sure to be a struggle between Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez. I think those personalities are going to be absolutely fascinating up against each other. Sanchez, regardless of what you think of his quarterback skills, is an extremely classy and respectful guy. He’s never really made headlines for saying anything controversial. Tebow is quite the same but with a religious twist.

I haven’t even mentioned others–Darrelle Revis was barely on the last season with Jets, that was the season of the hold out so I would love to see what his presence is like with the Jets.

All in all, I am really looking forward to this season IF it happens and I really hope it does.

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